Why We're Here

Sales is not easy for most people, and it's a necessary skill in many areas of life. CRM enabled me to sell effectively and coach my teams to have success in three different industries. However, CRMs can be a lot to take on. After succeeding as a sales advisor and transitioning into sales leadership at Tesla, New Balance, and KeepTruckin I knew salespeople could use an easier tool centered around them.

Everyone wants to know how to sell more. Far too often the end result is discussed rather than the process needed to achieve tangible results. I'm a firm believer that when you focus more on the right behaviors to elevate the client experience, you will increase sales if the work is put in.

Salesdash is a tool to help salespeople provide better client experiences through timely follow up, note taking, and funnel management, all while helping increased self-accountability. Sales strategies will continue to innovate as time goes on, and we will strive to listen to Salesdash users to adapt to their needs to create sustainable revenue for their business through sales.

- Josh Lyles, Founder at Salesdash

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