Another CRM? Really? Why...

Hey, that's me with the (not a) flamethrower when I worked at Tesla.

My name is Josh Lyles, and I'm the founder here at Salesdash.

I live in Nashville, TN. When I moved here in 2018, life was different.

I moved here when I worked for Tesla. At 24 years old, I was the store and sales manager for their only location in Tennessee. To me it was a huge responsibility and one of my favorite accomplishments, ever.

After I left Tesla, I got into sales management in freight brokerage. I had no idea what freight brokerage was until I interviewed.

The company was One Point Logistics, who was owned by KeepTruckin/Motive. My team was off to a great start in bringing on new business - 77 new shippers in 7 months, but after a sudden shut down (out of our control), I wanted to start my own company.

So, I locked myself in a coffee shop to dwell on what made me a top-performing sales advisor and a strong performing manager for sales reps in two different industries. Quickly, I realized it was CRM software.

What I found was that salespeople hated CRM and did it to comply with management, not for themselves. I realized that managers didn't measure the right metrics and keep the right reports on their dashboard to better coach and manage behaviors for their sales reps to find more success.

When I started, my go-to-market plan was terrible.

My first target was solopreneurs (too small). And then from there, SMB inside sales teams (too broad).

We're a bootstrapped company, so I started working nights and weekends at a restaurant to keep my developers paid for.

I joined brokerage again at SiLo in Nashville, where I was there Head of Operations for 8 months, and their Head of Sales for 11 months contributing to their growth past $45m within three years of operation.

I left to refocus on Salesdash and see if I can make it a reality or not. Four months after I left, I made the decision to focus solely on brokerage. With this pivot, we started to get customers and the feedback that a freight focused CRM was needed.

So here we are. I'm so excited to be building Salesdash in the Logistics & Transportation industry.

Our mission is to be the top CRM for freight brokerages and 3PLs.

We're still so early on in the game, so if you start a free trial or become a subscribed user, you will hear from me. I appreciate you reading this if you made it all the way here and if you consider Salesdash for your business.

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