A simple CRM to manage client tasks, pipeline, and track notes

Set reminders to follow-up with clients with one click. Manage your own custom sales funnel and have your notes in one place to improve client happiness and grow revenue.


Save time from spreadsheets and focus on activity with potential clients for sales

Spreadsheets make it difficult to access client info and organize the info you have noted about them. Salesdash makes this easier with clean client profiles and the ability to set reminders for follow ups.


Your new custom CRM

Your business is different and your CRM should be built to your sales process and contain the data entry fields that you and your team seek to understand from each client.


Sales Dashboard

Build your unique sales funnel to track where clients are and forecast sales, add reasons for won and lost deals to improve your sales process, and set sales targets to monitor in real time for accountability.


Fields and Groups

The questions you ask on discovery calls to understand customer needs can be built for easier data entry in Salesdash. This allows you to understand each client's story long-term, as well as build segmented reporting for your added data fields.


Team Collaboration

Salesdash gives small business owners a company dashboard for visibility on tasks, pipeline, won and lost reasons, and sales targets for each team and team member. Set roles and permissions to protect your company data.

Integrate with Google or Outlook

Two-way sync your calendars, and send outbound emails from client pages in Salesdash.

Get started in minutes with easy importing from your spreadsheet

Here's a two minute video on importing.

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