Don't miss your follow-ups.

Salesdash CRM helps you prevent your deals from falling through the cracks and track communications with your prospects and clients.


Do you need a place for your notes from sales consultations?

Create or import new contacts and businesses to track client activity in the sales process.

For those that talk to a lot of people, you can forget the small details that go a long way because you talk to a lot of people daily.

Provide a better customer experience with stronger attention-to-detail from your stored notes.

Are you missing sales from lack of follow-ups?

Most sales are lost due to lack of follow-ups, and this is where your reminders and tasks are crucial.

Set reminders in one click.

Do you forget to set follow-ups? We suggest records for you to follow-up with that you may have forgotten to set a task for.

Losing track of where your customers are in the buying process?

Create custom statuses for your leads and track where each lead or deal is in your sales process.

Track things such as "Contacted Leads" or your deals that need a follow-up after a proposal was sent.

Forecast your sales by tracking projected close dates and the revenue amounts submitted in each record.

Is Salesdash for you?

  • Solopreneurs
  • Small businesses
  • Early-stage startups

If you use:

  • Spreadsheets
  • Pen and paper
  • Complex, costly CRM
  • Your memory

Salesdash can improve your client management process. 👍


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