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Build your CRM around your sales process. Track notes. Manage pipeline. Prevent missed follow-ups. Grow sales.


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Easier workflows to drive activity

"Since signing up with Salesdash, our sales processes have noticeably improved. The organization that the CRM allows while remaining super user-friendly is fantastic."

Dan (Charlotte, NC / Logistics)

Increase Follow-up Rate

How many times have you forgotten to follow-up with a client?

Salesdash provides you a list of suggested follow-ups for clients you forgot to set a reminder for, gives you a list of your overdue tasks, and allows you to set your next follow-up in one click.

Track Deals & Notes

Do you need to know where your prospects are in the buyer's journey, as well as what you know about them?

Keep tracking of info and activity history from your customers.

Track statuses in nurturing your leads, and track deal stages as you progress clients towards a sale.

Email Marketing

Build email templates with personalization to send emails quicker.

Send bulk emails from your reports to send emails that are tailored to the interest of your existing or potential customers.

Track delivery, opens, and spam.


Integrate with G-Suite or Outlook to send emails to your clients from the CRM with templates and track your opens.

Two-way sync with your calendar.

Integrate with Zapier for automations with 4k+ other tools.

Customize / Reporting

Build your CRM with the language and words you use daily.

Create custom groups and fields to make data entry easier and to report on the needs of your business.

Set custom statuses for leads and custom stages for pipeline management that are tailored to your sales process.

What about service if you have issues?

Salesdash is a smaller CRM software company out of Nashville, TN built from a salesperson and sales manager that felt like you may feel -- that CRM workflows were too complex. Add an expensive price tag on top of that.

We take pride in actively seeking and responding to the feedback our current partners provide us with.

We want to grow together with you. If our platform can't help you grow sales, we know you won't use it.

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