Custom Fields and Groups in CRM Simply Explained

This may be the third most significant fundamental of your CRM (outside of setting tasks and logging activity notes).

Adding custom groups and fields in your CRM is one of the most important features of customer relationship management software. To make this simple to understand, let’s look at this from a real example of your housing situation and if you were a realtor.

When you are looking to buy or rent a living space, there are specific things to consider and needs that you will have.

How many bedrooms you need, how many bathrooms, your budget or loan pre-approval, the city or area you want to live in, the type of property, your style preference, and more are all some of the things you will potentially consider when buying or renting.

Now, let’s go from the seat of a realtor. It’s their job to ask you these questions, but also deliver on your preferences that you discussed with them.

This is where custom fields become extremely useful in CRM. You can build out all of these data entry points, whether pre-defined or through manual entry, to keep a detailed profile of each client.

Think of custom fields as a call script or the most important pieces of information you need to learn about a client or business to make a sale. 

A huge benefit here is that over time as you add more clients to your CRM and input more of this data, you are building lists. These lists can be used for re-engagement if a client never moved forward, you can build a segmented list for a new deal or promotion, or use them for post-sale follow up.

Groups are just the label for the general basis of what the fields are. In the example from this blog article, the group name could be ‘Home Needs’ with all of the preferences being added via fields. You may seek to make ‘Financials’ a separate group. It all depends on your sales process.

Salesdash CRM makes it easy to add custom groups and fields in your CRM, and we offer 8 different field types to input your information. It is always recommended to try to have pre-defined options. The reason being, is that if you mistype any information and you run a report, you may miss out on a potential deal from not seeing it listed in your report.

Schedule a demo here if you would are interested in seeing how we can build custom groups and fields out for your business in real-time, regardless of your industry, within minutes.

About the Author

Josh Lyles is the founder of Salesdash. Utilizing CRM helped him becoming a top-performing sales advisor and sales leader at Tesla. From there, he became a successful leader in freight for KeepTruckin. Josh resigned from his job in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic to start Salesdash CRM.