21 Side Hustle Ideas for 2022 | Small Business

21 Side Hustle Ideas for 2022 - Build Your Dream, Earn Extra Cash

Are you looking to build multiple streams of income to build financial stability? If you are looking to do what you are passionate about or be your own boss for what you do best, you are in the right place.

Here are 21 of some of the best and most current side hustle business ideas that you can explore going into 2022 to earn more money.

1. Become a virtual assistant. Data entry can slow business owners down, and there are many opportunities online to help businesses with lead generation, copy paste work, data mining, and more administrative tasks that they do not want to do or have time to do.

2. Create NFT art. NFT's created a huge amount of buzz in 2021, and they are not going anywhere as the utility of non-fungible tokens is still developing. Take a look at NFT marketplaces like OpenSea and SuperRare to see the types of NFT art that is popular and in what categories.

3. Write and edit resumes. If you have ever helped with hiring for a company, you know that there are many people that put minimal effort into their resume. Find people that are open to work opportunities on LinkedIn, and offer to write their resume.

4. Start consulting. What do you do very well? There are people out there that are not great at what you do, and need help. What value do you bring that can make people more money, solve their problems, and/or save them time?

5. Edit videos. If you find businesses that do not have videos on their website or social media pages, it's an opportunity for them to tell their story and share the value of their products and services more effectively. If you have any skills editing videos, build some to share with businesses to see if they would be interested in a similar video around their brand.

6. Write copy. Ad copy, sales copy, email copy, website copy, and social media copy are all needed to attract and engage buyers. If you can write copy that converts to sales, you will always make money and have work.

7. Social media marketing. Building content is free distribution and awareness for businesses. There are plenty of businesses out there that still do not have a strong social media presence. Package an offer together based on the number of posts and platforms you can post on, and reach out to local businesses or knock on some doors. To make it easier to manage, use tools like (blank) and (blank) to schedule out your social media posts.

8. Learn to code and build SaaS products or dApps. Software-as-a-service is attractive as a business because you can build recurring revenue. Decentralized applications are also on the rise with the boom of blockchain and web3. Learning this space now could earn you the big bucks in the near future.

9. Start a blog. Write about a topic that you love, and grow your audience by capturing emails with information on what you talk about and how often you write a blog. Send an email to those that opt-in and create a link for them to share your blog if they enjoy what you write. From there, you can be a guest-blogger for companies or you can find advertisers for your blog.

10. Drive for Uber, Lyft, or DoorDash. If you're in a bigger city with a lot of commuting, start ride-sharing during your available hours. Many people now look to have food from restaurants and grocery stores delivered to them. If you have a car and driver's license, this is easy to start up.

11. Write an e-book or educational course. Whether you have a story to tell, a journey to document, an epiphany that you want to share with the world - share it. If you have a skill or process that can help people save time or earn money, go to Gumroad to sell books, memberships, or courses to your audience.

12. Monetize your social media accounts. Focus on one platform where you can consistently post. Once you reach over 10,000 followers, look to partner with brands and advertisers that are looking to reach the type of audience you have built.

13. Flip free products. On Craigslist and Facebook marketplace, there are times when people are moving that they are giving away free items. Collect these items and look to resell them. Ensure you have enough storage space!

14. Become a real estate agent. Help your friends buy their dream home and meet people that you typically would have never met before. Having your real estate license to be an agent is a common side hustle to earn extra cash, be more social, and be more connected with your community.

15. Design logos. Use an application like Canva and help businesses create or update their logo. Build a branding guide with the colors, logos, and images needed to make it easy to brand their business in all areas.

16. Mow lawns. The old classic. Build a flier with Microsoft Word or with Canva, print them out, and drop them in your neighbors' mailboxes. If you have a backstory on what you are working to build with your side hustle lawn business, share that story to help build a local connection.

17. Build websites. Find local businesses on Google that do not have a website on their Google Business Profile. Companies without a website can be losing sales by not having exposure to the products and services they provide.

18. Record voice overs. Do you have a unique voice or speak a different language? Find gigs on platforms like Fiverr to do voice overs for audio or video in any style.

19. Get paid to take online surveys. Answer questions about your opinion with surveys online to earn money.

20. Be an online personal trainer. Health is wealth. Help people become a better version for themselves and others by getting them in shape.

21. Start a cleaning business. Whether you want to start small and just clean your friends’ houses, or you want to start big and clean houses for a lot of people, starting a cleaning business is a great way to make money.

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