Top 5 Reasons Why Freight Brokers Need a CRM for Sales (VIDEO)

When most freight brokers start off prospecting shippers to try to move their freight, it's easy to start using spreadsheets to manage your contacts.

However, when your list starts growing and when you need to keep track of notes and follow-ups, this is when freight brokers and agents seek to find a CRM that can help them organize their sales efforts.

Salesdash is the top CRM built specifically for freight brokers.

In this video with Dennis Brown of Freight Broker Boot Camp, we cover these five reasons that a CRM can help enhance your shipper sales efforts:

1. Source of Record (What have you spoken about with shippers?)

2. Sales Engagement & Follow-ups

3. Profiling & Qualifying Shippers

4. Team Collaboration

5. Reporting

Watch the video below with Dennis and the founder of Salesdash CRM, Josh Lyles.

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