Why Salesdash is here

Here We Go

Salesdash has built an easy-to-use CRM because CRMs were invented to help increase sales and generate more revenue, but they have become complex and almost counter-productive to that end goal.

We want to empower salespeople, and people that don't consider themselves salespeople but have to sell to keep their business afloat, with a platform that guides the user to provide a better customer experience. Keeping the focus on improving your client experience will help generate new customers and help build loyalty.

The mediums through which customers purchase, as well as their habits and tendencies to purchase, will always change throughout time as our world changes.

We want to empower any individual and any business looking to generate new sales, retain, and upsell with the right tools and workflows to support those three things. Sales is not easy. Some people hate it. However, it's necessary in all walks because without sales, businesses can't keep running.

We have a lot that we want to bring to the table, and we want to be consultants and partners at Salesdash to those that choose us as their CRM provider to always help innovate and cater to their needs.

You do not need to be the most talented salesperson in the world to run a successful sales business. If you can consistently produce the necessary amount of activity to hit your targets, if you can follow up with your clients on time, if you can clearly and concisely draw out the ideal stages of your preferred customer journey and communicate that clearly to your customer, if you can be honest and solve problems accordingly, and if you can personalize each client interaction, you will be fine. 

It may sound like a lot up front. Salespeople that are starting up their business have to drive a lot of activity to build a foundation. The more activity produced, the quicker you learn and make the changes necessary to provide a better customer experience.

Overall, we want salespeople to be empowered and utilize their CRM like they are the true CEO of their business - not to try to hit randomly set metrics that have no rhyme or reason. For salespeople to be most effective, they need to understand and be able to speak to all avenues and angles of their business. They need to be able to continuously elevate their client experience over time because great client experiences drive revenue and sales. 

We'll get started now.

About the Author

Josh Lyles is the founder of Salesdash. Utilizing CRM helped him becoming a top-performing sales advisor and sales leader at Tesla. From there, he became a successful leader in freight for KeepTruckin. Josh resigned from his job in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic to start Salesdash CRM.