22 Email confirmation types, examples, and email templates

Confirmation email templates provide a personalized touchpoint for a request or action that a customer has taken with your business.

Whether it’s a new user that has signed up for an account or someone that subscribed to your newsletter, a confirmation email also helps your business ensure the email is valid and real. Otherwise, you won’t be able to communicate and deliver on their requests. You can also prevent someone from using another person’s email address with no consent.

Confirmation emails provide all of the details for a request or order, and they act as a digital track record for your customers or subscribers.

In this article, we will take a look at the following:

We will walk you through the purpose of each email, two examples for each type of confirmation email, suggested subject lines, and an email template to consider.

Order confirmation emails (e-commerce, online stores)

Order confirmation emails can act as a receipt for your customers after they’ve made a purchase from your website.

These emails have high open rates because your customers will want to ensure their order details are correct and to make sure they’re clear on next steps for their order. They make your customer feel more secure and they help build trust between you and your customers.

Order confirmation is one of the early parts of the customer experience, so making them feel secure and excited about their order can help increase customer satisfaction and build customer loyalty.

Let’s look at a couple of examples of order confirmation emails:

Example 1: TOMS

TOMS makes it clear that your order is confirmed, but they also do a great job of making you feel a part of their community in their thank you note.

They give clear instructions on next steps for the order, what you can do if you need to return your product, and a receipt of the other details in a quick snapshot.

Example 2: Chewy

Simple, straight forward messaging for order confirmation here from Chewy.

They provide timing expectations, a quick order summary, and confirmation on the customer’s shipping address.

Order confirmation email subject line suggestions:

  • [FIRST NAME], thank you for your order!
  • Your order is on its way!
  • Thank you for your purchase!

Order confirmation email template:

Subject: Great news! We’ve got your order #12345


Thanks for placing an order with us! We're excited to get your items shipped out to you as soon as possible.

Your order details are as follows:


Shipping address:


We'll send you a separate email when your order has shipped. In the meantime, you can check the status of your order by logging into your account on our website.

If you have any questions about your order, please don't hesitate to contact us at [CONTACT EMAIL].

Thank you again for your business.

Best regards,


Booking confirmation emails

The booking confirmation email serves as a thank you to customers to confirm their online bookings.

These emails are helpful for people booking a restaurant, hotel, flight, car rental, and more. They typically include an overview of the reservation details and next steps.

Booking confirmation email examples:

Example 1: AirBnB

AirBnB has a clean reservation confirmation email with minimal copy in the email.

They provide a reservation detail overview, and they allow the customer to view the full itinerary from their website or app.

Example 2: SpotHero

This is a simple, well-detailed confirmation for a reserved parking spot by SpotHero.

They provide every detail of your car, the address to park, dates and times, and charges.

Booking confirmation email subject line suggestions:

  • [FIRST NAME], you’re booked, here’s the confirmation
  • It’s official! Here’s your booking information
  • Time to pack your bags, [FIRST NAME]!

Booking confirmation email template:

Subject line: You’re going to [DESTINATION]!


Thank you for booking with us! We’re excited to host you – here’s your reservation details:


Your check-in : [DATE] [TIME]

Your checkout : [DATE] [TIME]




We look forward to seeing you soon!



Registration confirmation emails

These emails are typically sent to customers who register for events, a new account, or a webinar.

Registration emails are used by marketers to kick off a new customer relationship, build excitement, and provide next steps. It lets your customer know that their registration was successful, and it’s another way to keep them interacting with your brand while they are already engaged with your brand.

Registration confirmation email examples:

Example 1: Holiday Hustle

This is a webinar registration confirmation email that is helpful to the registrant by providing a countdown to the webinar, as well as buttons to add it to your calendar. This helps them maximize how many people show up to the webinar.

Example 2: Binance

In setting up a Binance account, they sent an account activation code. They may have an opportunity here to make the code number larger, as that is the main purpose for the user to view the email and it’s not the biggest text in the email.

They do provide great detail for security tips which is a top priority in the crypto world.

Registration email subject line suggestions:

  • Let’s get you started, [FIRST NAME]!
  • Welcome! Your registration details are here
  • Thank you for signing up!

Registration confirmation email template:

Welcome [FIRST NAME],

We’re excited to have you join our community of [TOTAL # OF MEMBERS] and counting.

To get started, here are three resources to dive right in:




Thank you for joining, let‘s make great things happen together!



Subscription confirmation emails (SaaS/online product) 

When a visitor subscribes to your mailing list or your online app, a subscription confirmation email helps them verify their purchase and their new account.

These emails normally have a confirmation button, subscription details, contact information, and next steps.

While the energy and excitement is high, some marketers will also give new subscribers a freebie or more valuable information. This helps make the new subscriber feel even happier about their purchase.

Subscription confirmation email examples:

Disney sends an on-brand confirmation email when you sign up for a subscription with them.

They also provide a next step to start using the app with the ‘start streaming’ hyperlink.

Example 2: The Hustle

The Hustle sends this confirmation email for their newsletter which provides a verification button to start receiving the newsletter.

They reaffirm exactly what you are signing up for, and they use friendly, humorous language to help hook the reader and make their content more interesting to read.

Subscription confirmation email subject line suggestions:

  • Welcome to the [COMPANY NAME] newsletter!
  • [FIRST NAME], confirm your subscription and a special message
  • Ready to start, [FIRST NAME]? Please confirm here

Subscription confirmation email template:


Thank you for signing up.

To get you started, please click on the button below to confirm your email address. It will only take a couple of seconds.

If you didn‘t submit your email address to join our subscriber list, just ignore this email.



Feedback confirmation email

Customer support is an important part of your customer’s experience to work to build long-term loyalty to your brand.

When customers submit a support or contact request on your website, a confirmation email helps let them quickly know that their request has been received.

It’s helpful, if possible, to provide timing (i.e. within 24 hours) of when they can expect to receive a call or email from your team.

Feedback confirmation email example:


AirBnB has a great support request email because it does two key things:

  • It provides confirmation of the support request
  • They provide FAQ links to see if the customer may be able to get the answer quicker themselves

Feedback confirmation email subject line suggestions:

  • We received your message!
  • We will be in touch soon, [FIRST NAME]!
  • Thank you for contacting [COMPANY NAME]

Feedback confirmation email template:


Thank you for contacting us, we have received your request.

One of our team members will be reaching out to you within 24 hours.

Here are some FAQs that may be able to answer what you are looking for.

Talk soon,

[COMPANY NAME] support team

Cancellation email confirmation

Cancellations are inevitable in business. How you handle cancellations matters because there is still an opportunity for a customer to come back. If you frustrate them, however, in the cancellation process, you can permanently lose them as a customer. So, make it easy for them.

Thank them for their business, confirm the cancellation details, try to ask for feedback, and make an offer for them to stay.

Cancellation email confirmation examples:


Spotify has an effective cancellation email with the big headline and then confirmation of the data in which the customer’s subscription will be ending.

They also inform them what changes they can expect by not having a subscription, and they give them the easy option to opt back in.

Cancellation email confirmation subject line suggestions:

  • We’re sad to see you go, [FIRST NAME]
  • Confirm your cancellation request
  • We will miss you!

Cancellation email confirmation template:


We’re sorry to see you go. Your membership will be canceled effective on [CANCEL DATE].

We value you as a customer and would love to have you back in the future. If you have any feedback on your experience, please let us know.


Thank you and we hope to see you again soon.



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